August 15- 16, 2016


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4 Panel Sessions

18 Panelists

4 Moderators

Message from Co-Chairs

 Warm Greetings and Salam Sejahtera

The idea for the organisation of International Conference on Science for Peace was initiated when a few members of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) recognised the urgency of channeling financial and human resources to prioritize Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for global peace. Considerable amount of resources, even of poorest countries, are reported to have been directed towards the acquisition of military hardware that is becoming more sophisticated and destructive. It is considered timely that scientists take a stand to participate and promote research and development (R&D) for peaceful means encompassing the conservation of depleting natural resources, eradication of poverty, overcoming diseases and increasing efforts to overcome climate change. There is a pressing need for commitment to place STI at the heart of development policies with sustainable development as the core national objective. Accordingly, the selected theme of this Conference is 'More for Peace, Less for War'.

Academician Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Ahmad Mustaffa Babjee FASc & Dato' Dr. Hashim bin Abdul Wahab FASc
Co -Chairs ,Steering Committee of International Conference on Science for Peace


The world today has progressed rapidly in terms of technology, communication and human rights compared to our ancestors’ time. Despite this progress, we still face the same challenges that have existed for the past decades such as climate change, poverty and food security.  

The increasing gap between the haves and have-nots may lead to dissatisfaction and conflicts. This would have an impact on our environmental, economic as well as social being.

Instead of pointing fingers and accusing who is the responsible party, we need to join forces to navigate, mitigate and overcome these challenges. Science has been in the forefront of our development, but how can science play a role in addressing these problems?



This noble initiative needs a strong global partnership. Let us work together to contribute to the agenda of peace and humanity. Henceforth, we welcome you to join us in achieving this initiative. 

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